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   ACHH Accredited Members

52 Helpers Academy

Ageless Yoga Studio

Maria Allocca

Altered Elements- Lucy Finch, CCH

Amethyst Luna Rose

Dr. Kelli- The Angel Whisperer

Athena School of Natural Therapies


Aura House School of Color and Light

Body & Soul Makeover LLC

 Balance for Life: Mind, Body & Soul Healing

Ellen Brown

Kimberly D. Brown, eRYT, CHHC

Casa Brahma

Tracey R. Bryant-Swint- Love My Womb Academy

Barbara J. Case

Simon Chia

Heyde Class

Elizabeth Cinton- 52 Helpers Academy

Crystal Starshine

Brenda DeHaan's Rockin'Crystals

Demure Lyfe- Sienna Van Dunk

Gina Eva DeRoos

Divine Thyming Reiki & Wellness

Divine Timing Life Coaching and Mentoring

Earth and Beyond Healing Therapies

Elemental Healing Arts & Training, LLC

The Emerald Lotus

Jessica Ernst

Esoteric Arts Chicago

Dyan Garris- Voice of the Angels

Gina Nicole

Goddess of Weaving

Nsasi Vence Guerra

Guiding Wellness and Guiding Wellness Institute

Cory Gunn, CCH

 Veronica Harrison's Find Your True Path

The Healing Arts Studio

The Heart Store Etsy Store

The Heart Star

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Jessica C. Hunter- Hunter Healing Hands

The Integrative Wellness Institute- Sophia Hansen, MA, RMT

Susan King

Lady Adrienne

Deborah Lahoud

Gianina Lamont, CCH, Reiki Master Teacher

Lisa Macy, CCH

Ren Matney

Rebecca L. McDonald

Dr. Amy Miller

 Anamika Mishra- Spiritual Cafe

Marissa Moondaughter, Anaheim, CA

Moonlight + Sage

My Circle of Healing

Mystic School of Spiritual Diversity

 The Nook, A Haven of Serenity

Old School Holistics

Jerry Pape, M.Div, RMT, CCH

Joana Pinto-Portuguese Crystal Healing Association

Dr. Jillian K. Postle- The Heart Star

Radiant Women's Circle-  facilitated by Sora Surya No

 Dr. Ramon G. Rivera, 10 Duan


Sacred Journey School of Metaphysical Study

 Sacred Song Reiki

Trina Bridgeman Santiago

Scholler School of Natural Healthcare, Inc.

Sexy Soul Wellness

Denise Smith

Starlite Crystals & Reiki

 Souls Passion, Hearts Desire-Donna Heitczman, CCH,RM

Debra F. Stone

Jeanne Street, Spiritual Healer and Medium

Angela Y. Summers, CCH, RMP, RHP

Taima Gemz

Taima Terra Nova- Taima Gemz Facebook Page

Carolina Tarazona CCH

Time For You Studio

 Tree of Life Reiki Center

Elaine Usimaki

Virtual School of Health & Mind Science

Kitty E.M. Ward, CCH, RM

White Magick's Community

Dr. Terri Yatzook

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