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Registered Holistic Healer Certification

For those of you who practice any holistic health modality, including one you have created yourself, we offer the opportunity to be recognized as a Registered Holistic Health Practitoner with the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers.

This is a once in a lifetime process of establishing your practice with us, with only one lifetime fee and nothing more to renew or pay. We encourage all to begin their journey at the registration level, as we invite all who have an avid interest in holistic healing to join us.

Registration with us at ACHH is beneficial for those who have a small or not yet established holistic health presence and are not quite ready to apply for accreditation, though you are welcome to applying for both.

To fulfill the registration process we ask that you provide us with the following as it may apply:

Name of school or instructor of your practice, or indicate if you have been self-taught

How long you have been doing your  practice

A brief description of how you practice your modality- at home for personal reasons, actively teaching, sharing online, a holistic enthusiast with no public following, etc.

A bio of who you are along with your goals and ethics in sharing, if applicaable

Registered Holistic Health Practitioners will be entitled to:

 Our registration logo that you can proudly display on your website, stationery, social media pages, etc.

A signed and dated certificate of lifetime registration, with our signature, or email version if preferred

Free ongoing advertisement via Facebook with a link from our page to your website or social media page

Referrals when we are contacted by potential seekers to your school or business, if desired

There is a one time fee of $49 USD per applicant plus shipping of your registration certificate. You can pay in advance or contact us at to pre-qualify before making payment.

Registered Holistic Health Practitioner lifetime fee $49 USD plus postage